Biodiesel Plant, Picton, WA - detailed design by Proteus for Leighton Contractors

Tetra Tech Proteus has been engaged by most major (and many smaller) Australian mineral processing companies with a wide range of study, design and EPCM projects. A selection is provided below:


Mt todd Gold Mine
Client: Vista Gold                                
Capital: $900m
Proteus role: PFS (DFS Pending)

Tiwest TiO2 Expansion
Client: Tronox                                    
Capital: $130m
Proteus role:

Kvanefjeld rare Earths
Client: Greenland Minerals and Energy    
Capital: $1.3bn
Proteus role: Feasibility Study
Cosmic Boy Hydrated Lime Upgrade
Client: Western Areas                            
Capital: $25m
Proteus role: PFS

Toka Tindung Gold Project
Client: PTMSM Mining
Capital: $50m
Proteus role:
FEED and Detailed Design

Windimurra Vinadium Recovery Plant
Client: MidWest Vanadium Pty Ltd          
Capital: $145m
Proteus role:
FEED and EPCM Contractor


Drum Filter Building
Client: BHP Billiton
Capital: $20m
Proteus role:
FEED, Detailed Design, Fabrication QA Supervision and Construction Supervision

Magellan Project
Client: Magellan Metals
Capital: $47m
Proteus role:
FEED, Process Design and Detailed Design

KNS Slag Handling System
Client: Western Mining Corporation
Capital: $5.0m
Proteus role:

Mungana Project
Client: Kagara Resources Pty Ltd
Capital: $100m
Proteus role:
Detailed Engineering, Procurement & Expediting

Feed Thickening Facility
Client: Minara Resources
Capital: $20m
Proteus role:
Detailed Engineering

Jundee Expansion Project
Client: Newmont
Capital: $0.5m - $15m
Proteus role:
EPCM for range of projects

Wagerup Expansion
Client: Alcoa of Australia
Capital: Various
Proteus role:
FEED studies

Synthetic Rutile Recovery Plant
Client: Tiwest Joint Venture
Capital: $6.0m
Proteus role:
Detailed Engineering, Procurement (part) and Construction support